Kadub Kult-Sontzekres-Cd Ep


Born For Burning Productions is thrilled to announce the release of the latest EP "Sontzekres" - a haunting and atmospheric journey through the depths of Carpathian forests during the Kupala night.
Kadub Kult is a relatively young project. But from the beginning, we had one purpose: spread Ukrainian culture and folklore through the atmosphere of our songs.
With Sontzekres (another name for Kupala night) the Kult decided to move to a different approach to forge the songs. You will definitely hear more atmospheric and folk parts. This EP is a new milestone in Kult's development.
According to the old Slavic belief, all evil spirits come to life on the Kupala night, and it is necessary to beware of them and respect them. With lyrics inspired by ancient folklore and pagan rituals, "Sontzekres" is a deep exploration of the forces of nature and the spiritual realm. Tremendous thanks to Ярослав Дзісяк for the "Punishment of the Ancient Gods" lyrics.
We invite you to join us on this journey into the heart of pagan Carpathians, and to experience the ancient atmosphere of "Sontzekres."